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N-Drive Scenics

      As part of the development of our model railway products N-Drive is pleased to release a range of items for use around the layout. All of thesewill be taken from actual prototypes rather than generic types. The first of to be released will be 2 from a proposed range of boats, both inland waterways and costal vessels, we hope you find these of interest.


                    Built by Banhams of Cambridge in 1938 this teak river cruiser is still operating and looking as good as new although her petrol engine has been replaced with a modern electric unit. Our kit is mainly resin with etched brass and white-metal detailing.




                      Still operating out of Eyemouth harbour, Charlotte is a fine example of the many small vessels that perform countless tasks around the coast, although she is a lobster boat the same type of craft can be found being used as ferries, support vessels, fishing boats etc. The kit uses resin castings with white-metal and etched brass detailing.