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model railways

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Thank you for looking at the N-Drive site, please note that this web-site only displays the products we make, to order or purchase any of these please complete the contact form and I will be in touch regarding availability and payment details.

      COVID has created a lot of problems for all of us and we are no exception, the day-job has been relentless meaning there has been less time for railways and demand has increased so I aplogise for the delays that have occurred. We still have a large number of reservations that are waiting to be fulfilled and thank every-one for their patience and kind wishes.

         The Backwoods Miniatures range continues to be worked on and some of the Irish NG rolling stock is already available with more of the 00n3 and 009 stock on the way as we have time to sort it out.

         We remain confident that N-Drive will fill it's initial idea of providing a long term, reliable source of chassis's for 009 modellers, manufacturers and others using gauges between 9 and 14mm, and maybe, if our vision of the future is somewhere near right, we can go much further. We wish all modellers, of narrow, standard and broad persuasions happy modelling, somewhere along the way maybe using the odd, or very odd N-Drive chassis!! Nev

        Please remember that N-Drive consists of one modeller working part-time at a workbench over looking the Clyde valley in beautiful Scotland, I have a demanding full-time job and a very tolerant family that needs attention along the way so if you have to wait for a chassis I am doing my best in what can be a complicated life.

        We produce a ready to run chassis system suitable for N gauge, 009 and O9 model railways and many other narrow gauge combinations between 9 and 14mm gauges. Originally conceived for 009 the range is continuing to grow far beyond our initial thoughts and will eventually provide the modeller with a choice of how their models will look.

  Modified Chivers Culverin                                        Chivers Finelines Crackler  

  on N-Drive 12mm Short                                             on  a Short W/B chassis

           W/B chassis                                                                           8.5mm wheels