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model railways

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             The Backwoods range of 3 foot Irish kits is slowly being re-introduced, some

with the option of a RTR N-drive chassis, they will be listed as they become available.

County Donegal


                              Pheonix Shunting Tractor                                                NYA

                              Class 5 2-6-4T                                                                 NYA


                              Railcars Nos. 4, 7&8, 10, 12 & 14                                   NYA

                               Oldbury Coaches (set of 3)                                             £115


                               Killybegs Turntable                                                          £60

                               Standard Van  (White Metal Body with


                                  etched brass chassis & 10.5mm spoked wheels)        £16.50

                               Cattle Wagon   (White Metal Body with

                                  etched brass chassis & 10.5mm spoked wheels)        £16.50

Lough Swilly

                               Hudswell Clarke 4-8-0                                                      NYA

Clogher Valley

                               Sharpe Stewart 0-4-2T                                                     NYA

                               6' Merchandise Van                                                          NYA

Caven & Leitrim

                               Stephenson 4-4-0T                                                           NYA

                               Standard Ventilated Van                                                   NYA


                               Bogie Van No. 22L                                                            £30

                               Passenger Brake Van                                                       £22.50

Tralee & Dingle

                               Cattle Van                                                                         NYA